Israeli ambassador to Ethiopia visits HU

Ambassador of Israel to Ethiopia His Excellency Alelign Admasu visits Hawassa University.

The Ambassador of Israel to Ethiopia, Honorable Alleling Admasu, visited Hawassa University and held consultations with the senior leaders of the university on bilateral relations and cooperation on 21st Sep. 2022.

Honorable Ambassador Alelign Admasu said that the historical relationship between Israel and Ethiopia as a country had been for a long time. Their relations and connections have been maintained in different fields, and we are doing many works together. The ambassador added that Israel has done many fruitful and brilliant tasks in a few years and is the world's most sophisticated and knowledgeable in education, health, agriculture, technology, and various fields.

Dr. Fisha Getachew, V/President for Academic Affairs at Hawassa University, reflected that the university has been established for more than 46 years and has opened 104 first degree, 141 second degree, 54 third degree, and 11 specialty and sub-specialty programs in its three institutes and eight colleges, teaching more than 32 thousand students in the seven campuses under it. He explained to the honorable ambassador that Hawassa University has been identified as a research university from the first generation of eight universities based on the Ministry of Education's recent review of universities in the country.

Dr. Tafese Mathews, V/President for Research, and Techology Trasfer, said that besides teaching, the university conducts various problem-solving researches in various fields. In addition to publishing it in various journals, the results obtained from researches are also accessible to the scientific community for the benefit of the stakeholders related to the issue and local community, especially farmers and women. He stated that his office is working in various places to demonstrate and support the research results, doing technology transfer works.

Mr. Yohanan Yokamo, Director of the Directorate of International Relations and Alumni Affairs, also explained the university's international relations and connections with foreign countries and universities. Then finally, the Honorable Ambassador expressed his satisfaction with the presentation and his visit and said that his Embassy will serve as a bridge for Hawassa University to cooperate and exchange experiences with universities and research institutes there.

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