Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs at HU

List of graduate programs at Hawassa University based on the intake capacity of all Colleges and Institutes for the 2012EC (2019/2020GC) academic year.

However, the total number of graduate programs are slightly greater than the list provided below as the respective Colleges and Institutes may decide not admit new students regularly at the beginning or middle of the academic year.



Specializations (MA/MSc/M.Eng./MBA/Specialty Programs, PhD)


College of Agriculture

PhD in Animal Breeding and Genetics

PhD in Animal Nutrition

MSc in Animal Production

MSc in Animal Nutrition

MSc in Dairy Science and Technology

MSc in Animal Breeding and Genetics

MSc in Range Science

PhD in Agronomy

PhD in Soil Science

PhD in Plant Biotechnology

MSc in Plant Breeding

MSc in Agroforestry

MSc in Crop Protection

MSc in Plant Biotechnology

MSc in Horticulture

MSc in Bioenergy Science & Technology

MSc in Agronomy

MSc in Soil Science

MSc  in Rural Development

MSc in Agricultural Economics

MSc in Agribusiness & Value Chain Management

MSc in Gender & Family Studies

MSc in Applied Human Nutrition

MSc in Food Science & Technology

MSc Food Safety and Quality Management

MSc in Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture

























College of Natural & Computational Sciences

PhD in Applied Mathematics

PhD in Applied Statistics

MSc in Computational Mathematics


MSc in Applied Statistics

MSc in Physical Chemistry

MSc in Analytical Chemistry

MSc in Organic Chemistry

MSc in Physics

MSc in Material Sciences

MSc in Veterinary Microbiology

MSc in Veterinary Epidemiology

MSc in Football Coaching

PhD in Aquatic Science, Fisheries and Aquaculture(ASPA)

MSc in Genetics

MSc in Botanical Science

MSc in Aquaculture &Fisheries

MSc in Ecotoxicology &Environmental Health

MSc in Applied Microbiology










College of Social Science & Humanities

MA in Social Anthropology

MA in Social Psychology

MA in Sociology

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication

PhD in English Language Teaching (ELT)


MA in Linguistics & Communication

MA in Linguistics & Multilingualism Track

MA in Population and Development Planning










College of Business & Economics

MSc in Accounting and Finance

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in Marketing Management

MBA in Marketing Management ( Awada Campus)

MA in Cooperative Development and Leadership

MA in Community Development

MA in Development Economics

MA in Hospitality Management
















Institute of Technology

PhD in Natural Resource Engineering & Management

MSc in Soil & Water Conservation Engineering

MSc in Water Resource & Engineering Management

MSc in Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

MSc in Hydraulics Engineering

MSc in Power System & Energy Engineering

MSc in Computer Science

MSc in Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management

















College of Law & Governance

LLM in Commercial Law

LLM in Land and Environmental Law

LLM in Criminal Justice

MA in Peace and Conflict Studies

MA in Governance

MA in Development Management

MA in Public Management & Policy Development

MA in International Relation














College of Education

PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

MA in Educational Leadership

MA in Educational Supervision & Quality Management

MA in Ault Education & Community Development

PhD in Educational Measurement & Evaluation

MA in Multicultural & International Education

MA in Curriculum & Instruction






















College of Medicine and Health Sciences

Specialty training in Internal Medicine

 Specialty training in Ophthalmology

 Specialty training in General Surgery

 Specialty training in Pathology

 Specialty training in OBGYN

 Specialty training in Pediatrics

Clinical Laboratory Science (with specialty track in Diagnostic and Public Health Microbiology)

MSc in Medical Microbiology

PhD in Public Health

MPH in Epidemiology

MSc in General MPH


MPH in Field Epidemiology

MPH in Environmental Health

Adult Health Nursing

Clinical Midwifery
















Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources Management

MSc In Biodiversity Conservation  and Management

MSc In Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

MSc In Natural Resource Economics and Policy 

MSc In Watershed Management  

MSc in Renewable Energy Utilization and Management

PhD in Climate Change and Bioenergy Development

MSc In Climate Change in Development 

MSc In Forest Resource Assessment and Monitoring

MSc In Urban Forestry and Greening

MSc In Climate Smart Agricultural Landscape Assessment 

MSc In Agroforestry and Soil Management  

MSc in Production Forestry

MSc in Geographic Information System

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