IoT hosts Annual Research Conference

Institute of Technology hosts the Fourth National Annual Research Conference.

Hawassa University’s Institute of Technology organizes the fourth national annual research conference with the theme “Aspiring the Future in Engineering and Technology” in collaboration with Ethiopian Road Administration and Hawassa Industrial Park held from May 12 - 13, 2022 at the African Union Hall, HU main campus.

While officially opening the conference, Dr. Eng. Fisiha Getachew, the Vice President for Academic Affairs of HU, said that the level of engineering and technology is very important to determine the economic growth of a country. He pointed out that economically successful countries are those that are able to turn technical innovations into economic productivity through effective science, engineering and technology policies crucial for their development. Dr. Fisiha added that “We cannot expect dependable and reliable technology that maneuvers the economic development of a country without a need-based and problem-solving research”. He also remarked on the country’s recent social, economic and political challenges that call for immediate and long-term solutions from researchers in universities and research institutes with findings that address the diverse and intricate problems in our society and serve as critical inputs and foundations for a holistic human development. 

In his welcoming speech, the Scientific Director of Institute of Technology, Dr.Eng. Fasika Bete, said that this fourth national annual conference on engineering and technology would achieve its objectives in providing an effective forum for academicians, researchers and practitioners towards advancing knowledge, research and technology for humanity. Dr. Fasika stated that there has always been a gap between people and communities who can make effective use of technology and those who cannot. “For that matter”, he said, “all academicians, researchers, and practitioners in the field should consider humanity a priority to create a peaceful world”. He added that together with the public and private sectors, non-governmental and intergovernmental organizations, scientists, and engineers are responsible to build a better life and safety for society through the application of knowledge to convert resources into products and services without compromising the ability of future generations to cope with their needs.

The two-days long conference has brought together scientists, researchers, practitioners and policymakers from different sectors. Accordingly, over 100 participants have shown up where researchers from 12 universities and one institute will present 27 research papers. Such experiences are believed to help in maintaining and developing scientific culture in research institutes and it is also an important platform for discussions of new scientific findings in the area.

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