New Year wish for International Community

Hawassa University New Year wish for International Community.

Hawassa University wishes for International Community, a happy, peaceful and successful 2022 New Year.

Hawassa University wishes all of you who are celebrating 2022 a happy new year. We wish 2022 to all Expat Staffs, International Students and International Partners of HU happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

Hawassa University has been providing different programs to international students, particularly to neighboring nations from East Africa for a very long time.

As part of its internationalization direction and vision of becoming one of the top ten research universities in East Africa by 2030, Hawassa University has intended to promote and broaden the global participation and competitiveness of the University.

In recent years, the number of international students has increased in Hawassa University and the University has boasted itself by having a large population of international students with different cultures and diversity.

The International visibility of Hawassa University and the number of international students is growing steadily and Hawassa University shall keep attracting the international students and organize different international programs to its international students, expat Staffs and Partners of the university.

Also albeit the recent Diplomatic pressures on Ethiopia, Hawassa University is currently engaged in public diplomatic activities to present Ethiopia’s truth to foreigners. Indeed Ethiopia and Ethiopians are always honored for many with their hospitality.

HU Wishes to all Ethiopian Diasporas and partner nations also a joyous 2022 too! It is time to celebrate a new start in your home country.  

Finally, HU wishes for International Community, a happy, peaceful and successful 2022 New Year.

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