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Greetings and welcome to College of Education of Hawassa University website. It's my privilege to serve as the dean of this remarkable College. Dear College of Education, staff, students, alumni, and future students, it is with great pleasure that I joined this marvelous institution as Dean of College of Education of Hawassa University since November, 2016.

I believe that education is the foundation that will support a brighter future for Ethiopia, and the world at-large. The College of Education’s mission is to prepare individuals who are ready to contribute to education locally while also making a difference to the larger society. Our college is proud to educate students for careers in teaching, leadership, supervision and management, research and community outreach. As a college, we will help to drive the dialogue through research for educational reform and improve quality of education in our community in particular and our region in general, as we utilize sustainable resources to advance education in a rapidly changing society.

It is my sincere hope that our students are well-prepared for their lives as teachers, practitioners, and educational leaders through training, professionalization, and innovations that match revolutionary changes in our field. The College offers programs that extend and connect to the broadest definitions of educational professionals. Through hands-on, technologically-oriented curriculum featuring practical outreach in local and national schools, our students will have a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

The College of Education, and Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and Educational leadership strive to enhance the well-being and quality of life of all citizens through education and research; we are led by high caliber faculty members who are committed to support student success. Our curriculum and our faculty offer diverse perspectives programs at undergraduate, graduate and PhD level to shape students' minds and actions while increasing awareness in pursuit of academic excellence, as they prepare for a 21st-century career. We are the building block of education the place that shapes lives. 

We hope you will join us in our mission.

Now is your opportunity to become tomorrow’s successful national and global citizen-ready to impact children and families for decades to prepare responsible citizen. Please Visit our website and contact us for further collaborative partnership to advance quality of Education. In our college there are more than 76 teaching and admin staffs as well as more than 2800 students enrolled in BA/BEd, PGDT,PGDSL,PGCSS,PGCPSS ,HDP MA and PhD program at different modality.

Abraham Tulu (PhD)

Dean, College of Education at Hawassa University

Hawassa, Ethiopia

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