Hawassa University has a history of more than four decades since the establishment of the College of Agriculture in 1976. The university has expanded its programs in various fields in order to train graduates for the betterment of the country.

The education program of Hawassa University was started in 2007 as the Faculty of Education. Since then, the structure of education underwent a number of adjustments such as the Institute of Education, Training and Research, School of Education and Training, and now the College of Education which turns out to become a full-fledged college in September 2016, due to the institutional transformation initiative along with sustained progress of HU in terms of program diversification and professional services. It is against the backdrop of this dynamic context that the college of education achieved remarkable progress in the opening of academic programs and delivering professional service training within HU, to the local community around and at the national level.

Having recognized the contribution of the College of Education in addressing the demand for trained manpower and the myriad of challenges that the country is confronted with, the Ministry of Education recognized our college as one among other five other universities in the country as a “Center of Excellence for Teacher Education and Educational Leaders”. This has enabled the College of Education to foster joint effort not only with other colleges and institutes of HU but also the wider community at large. 

On the other hand, the Center of Excellence for teacher education and educational leadership is supposed to engage in teaching-learning, research and community service functions. Primarily, the center is concerned with producing quality and competent secondary school teachers and educational leaders by admitting motivated and competent students, in well-resourced (furnished), and adequately staffed institutions. Furthermore, the center is conceived as an incubation center/ hub that maintain best practices, inject new ideas and changes, identify best practices, and disseminate evidence-based professional knowledge and skills to different beneficiaries (stakeholders). More specifically, the center has been established to meet the following goals:

  • identify, develop and share good practices to improve the quality of teachers & educational leaders training;
  • support teacher & educational leader institutes at the regional and national level and establish networks on how to improve the pedagogy of the pre-service and in-service training within the cluster;
  • develop quality professional development models, advance the innovative practices, model schools for observation and student teaching
  • assess, develop and disseminate state of the art teacher education and leadership development programs for primary and secondary school teacher education;
  • serve as a resource center in managing knowledge on teacher education and teaching through developing and disseminating instructional designs, instructional materials, including modern technology;
  • develop good teaching practices and promote their dissemination through the establishment of model schools;
  • establish collaboration with renowned international and national institutions to advance best experiences and solicit resources that can fill the gaps of the resources and experts;
  • provide need driven short and long-term professional training and for university side programs, educational offices, training institutes and organizations.
  • serve as the hub of providing quality experts for Education Offices, Ministry of Education, REBs and CTEs;
  • provide technical support to the Ministry of Education in matters relating to teacher education and educational leadership based on the results of research studies; and,
  • offer Masters and PhD programs and other need driven training related to Teacher and Educational leadership programs and so forth.
  • Conduct problem solving and experience-based researches focusing on designing an intervention strategy and develop directive documents that can serve the institutional, local and national interests.

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