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Fikire Tinsae

Targeting of Children in Non-International Armed Conflicts

Journal of Conflict and Security Law, Vol. 26 No. 2, Oxford University Press,




Dr. Daniel Behailu (Associate Prof)

Women and Land Tenures in Ethiopia: Some Reflections towards a Policy Reform Deliberation

Addis Ababa University Press,


 Informal Urban Landholdings in Ethiopia: A Policy Debacle

Addis Ababa University Press,


Land Grabbing in Ethiopia: Questioning FDI and Big Government, Projects; in a book entitled ‘Normative Spaces and Legal Dynamics in Africa’ by Katrin Seidel and, Hatem Elliesie 



Res Nullius vs. Res Communis in Matters of  Communal Lands of Smallholder Farmers in Ethiopia

MIZAN LAW REVIEW, Vol. 12, No.1,


የቻይና ኢንቨስትመንት አንድምታ በአፍሪካ:- ኢትዮጵያን እንደ ማሳያ

Haromaya Law Review, vol. 7


The enigma of informal rural land deals in Ethiopia: evidence from peri-urban areas of hawassa city

Haromaya Law Review, vol. 6


Employment Effects of CSO Laws in Ethiopia

Working Paper 2017/07


Book, ‘Transfer of Land Rights in Ethiopia: towards a Sustainable Policy Framework’ published at eleven international publishing,

The Hague in 2015.  ( Reprinted by AAU BE Press, 2016)



‘Land Use Legislation in Ethiopia: A Human Rights and Environment Based Analysis’ 

Jimma University Law Journal, Vol. 3. No. 2




‘The Politics of Higher Education in Ethiopia: towards Questioning the Policy Line’,



‘Brief Comment on the Draft Land Administration, Use, Registration and Plan Proclamation, 2007 (EC)’ 


Mizan law Review, Vol9, No. 2

December, 2015


Dr. Beza Desalegn (Associate Prof)

Establishment, Breakup, and Amalgamation of Ethnic Local Governments in Ethiopia: Towards Understanding the Legal And Political Matrix.

International journal on minority and group rights 28 (2021) 466-492



Ethiopia: Legal Response to Covid-19 Ethiopia [et]

published by the Oxford University Press (Oxford Constitutional Review).


Freedom of Religion and Minority Rights in South Africa;



Experimenting with Non- Territorial Autonomy: Indigenous Councils in Ethiopia”

Journal of Ethno politics and Minority Issues in Europe, Vol.18. No 2.



“Challenges of Ethnic Representation in Ethiopia and the Need for Reform”

Mizan Law Review, Vol. 12. No 1.


The Quest for Identity and Self- Determination in the SNNP Region of Ethiopia,

Mizan Law Review Vol. 13. No 1.


Urban Government Autonomy and Good Governance in Ethiopia: the Case of Hawassa City

Ethiopian Journal of Federal Studies, Vol. 5, No. 1.


Co-authored book chapter entitled: Internal Migration, Ethnic Federalism and Differentiated Citizenship in an African Federation: the Case of Ethiopia in Alain-G. Gagnon and Arjun Tremblay (eds) Federalism in the 21st Century,


Palgrave Macmillan.




Co-authored book chapter entitled: Mobility and Ethnic Federalism in Ethiopia in Adem Kassie Abebe and Amen Taye (eds) Reimaging Ethiopian Federalism,

Ethiopian Constitutional and Public Law Series Volume X




Nigusse Afesha (Associate Prof)

Formation and Reorganization of States in India and Ethiopia Federations,

Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Vol. 25,



Judicial Power Decentralization in Ethiopia: Practical Limitations and Implications on Self-governance of Regional States,

Mizan Law Review, Vol. 13, No. 3


The Quest for Identity and Self-Determination in the SNNP Region of Ethiopia, 

Mizan Law Review, Vol. 13. No 1.


The Legal and Practical Aspects of Child Custody, Visitation and Maintenance: A case Study in SNNP Regional State,

 Mizan Law Review, Vol. 11. No 2.


Major Differences between the Revised 'Federal' and the SNNP Regional State Family Codes, 

Mizan Law Review Vol. 11. No 2.


Legal and Practical Aspects of Divorce, Compensation and Liquidation of Pecuniary Relation between Spouses: A case study in SNNPRS Courts, 

Bahir Dar University Journal of Law, Vol. 6, No. 2.


The Ethiopian Constitutional Promises to the Nation and Nationalities: The Myth and Operational Reality, 

Bahir Dar University Journal of Law, Vol. 6, No. 2.


The Practice of Informal Changes to the Ethiopian Constitution in the Course of Application, 

Mizan Law Review Vol. 10. No 2.


The Federal-State Intergovernmental Relationship in Ethiopia: Institutional Framework and Its Implication on State Autonomy, 

Mizan Law Review Vol. 9. No 2.



Dual Constitutions and Concurrence of Constitutional Powers in Ethiopia:  Who Has the Mandate to Determine Particulars by Law? 

Bahir Dar University Journal of Law, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2014



Henok Kebede

Constitution as Social Contract in Contemporary Ethiopia: The Need to Re-construct Political Arrangements

Mizan Law Review



Problem of Defining Terrorism under International Law: Definition by the Appeal Chamber of Special Tribunal for Lebanon as a Solution to the Problem

Beijing Law Review



Striking a Balance in the Need for Upholding Basic Principles of International Humanitarian Law in the fight against terrorism





Yirgalem Germu

The Interface between Trademark and Trade Name in Ethiopia, A Commentary

HUJL, Vol. 5





Decisions of the Ethiopian Federal Supreme Court Cassation Division: Imprescriptible Invalidation of Contract of Land Sale

International Journal of Law and Public Administration, Vol. 1  No. 2,





The Constraints to a Speedy Trial: The Case of Sidama Zone High Court

Beijing Law Review, Vol. 9, No. 2,




Awol Ali

Federalism and Ethnicity in Ethiopia: A violent Marriage  

Book Chapter: 5th international Congress on life, social, and health science in changing world


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ethiopia and the Dynamics of alliance formation in the Horn of Africa:  

Book Chapter: 5th international Congress on life, social, and health science in changing world


The dynamics of security threats to the horn Africa: Implication of “prisoner of Geography” 

Book Chapter: 8th International Istanbul Scientific research congress


National Political Discourse and local ethnic relation in Ethiopia: The Guji-Gedio Experience 

Book Chapter: 4th  International ”Baskent”  Scientific research congress



Bekri M. Jemal,

Tsegaye T. Kia and

Kedir D. Arerro

Preliminary Assessment of the

Socioeconomic Effects of and the

Response Measures to

COVID-19 in Africa: Evidence

from Urban Centers in


Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter. 3rd

International New York Cultural

Interaction and Academic Studies

Congress. ISBN: 978-605-74582-7-8. Pp. 50-68. USA: ICONSOS Publishing



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bekri M. Jemal

The Depoliticisation of Two Competing

Nationalisms and the Introduction

Of Democratic Meritopianism as a Possible Way Out for Ethiopia

Journal of Contemporary African Studies Volume 38(2).




Bekri M. Jemal

and Feyera Senbeta

Promoting Sustainable Development

through Carbon Trade and CO2 Sequestration: The Case of Humbo Assisted Natural Regeneration Project in

Southwestern Ethiopia

Ethiopian Journal of Development

Research, ISSN: 0378-0813. Volume 34(2).




Hirut Bekele (PhD)

Social and Gender Analysis Study for Adoption of critically by farmers in selected Kebeles of Wondo Genet and Hula Districts




Socio-economic effect of climate change and its Adaptation Strategies in Borecha, Dale and Hula Districts of Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia




Evaluating the implemented urban green infrastructure policy and institutional arrangement with respect to the national and international commitment




“Interdisciplinary study on human impact on Lake Hawassa watershed: Opportunity to protect and restore impacted sub-watershed. The Socio-economic part (Centre for Rift Valley Studies, CERVAS project)





Women in Higher Education Leadership in Ethiopia 





Akalewold Fedilu

Socio-economic and Environmental Impacts of Poor Paper Management at Higher Education Institutions:




Assessment of Governance Practices and Challenges of Urban Land Transportation System in Selected Major Cities of SNNPRS.




Challenges and Opportunities of Evening Educational Program to Working Children and Young People: A case Study from Hawassa City Administration, SNNPRS, Ethiopia






Housing Problem and the Challenges in Urban  Ethiopia: Evidence from some Major Cities of Ethiopia





Tsegaye Tuke

The Role of Indigenous Institutions for Natural Resource Mobilization: The case of Sidama Zone, SNNPRS

Journal of Africa Review




Robera Regassa & Abinet Assefa

Socio-economic and Livelihood impact of Urban Expansion on Peri-Urban Agricultural Community: The case of Hawassa City





Edilu Shona

Banning Smoking in Public Places under Ethiopian Legal Framework: Some Evidences from Hawassa City

Beijing Law Review





Assessment of Adequacy and Efficiency of the Legal Framework to Ensure Good Governance and the Accountability of the Executive Branch of Government under Federal and SNNPRS Laws






Assessing the Implementation of The Right to Education of Children with Disabilities in Ethiopia: Emphasis on Selected Zonal Towns of SNNPRS






Legal and Practical Aspects of Post-Divorce Issues with particular emphasis on child custody, visitation right and maintenance: a case study in SNNPRS






Inquiring the Role and Nature of Federal Administrative Agencies in Ethiopia






Social Capital and Local Democracy in Ethiopia: Evidence from Hawassa Zuriya Woreda





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