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Welcome to the College of Law and Governance

I hope you will find all the necessary information you need in this website, and you will get a feeling of what it means to be a student at the College of Law and Governance of Hawassa University. Our College offers you courses and supervision that will help you to pursue your academic ambitions.

The College of Law and Governance is one of the Colleges at Hawassa University. It has been restructured in 2011 incorporating the former Faculty of Law and Governance and Developmental Studies, which were separately organized in different faculties. Currently, the college comprises two big schools; namely, School of Law & School of Governance and Development Studies.

The school of Law is one of the prominent public law schools in Ethiopia. The school has one first degree (LLB in Law) and three Postgraduate Programs (LLM in Commercial Law, Land and Environmental Law and Criminal Justice).

The School of Governance and Development Studies (SGaDS) is the first in its kind in Ethiopia and was established in 2006. The school currently offers two bachelor degrees (BA in Governance and Development Studies, Civic and Ethical Education), Six Postgraduate Programs (MA in Development Management, Governance and Development, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Relations and Diplomacy, Civic and Ethical Education, Public Management and Policy Development ). A PhD Program in Policy and Development Studies (in collaboration with IPDR) is also offered. Currently, our college is a leading unit for harboring large number of post-graduate students in the University. Also, the College runs parallel functions of coordinating of three common or freshman courses (Logic and Critical Thinking, Global Affairs, Moraland Civic Education) to undergraduate students of the university. Furthermore, our college is coordinating and providing free legal aid services to the community through the College’s Legal Aid Centre.

Currently, our college is working diligently to ensure academic excellence of existing programs and establishing various academic centers to address the national priority of diversifying postgraduate studies and research.

In our College, you will meet fellow-students and academic staffs that have the same interests and expertise as you have, but you will also be inspired by people studying other themes and in other disciplines. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering such a multidisciplinary environment, and we strongly believe that a combination of different theories and methods are the best way to academic excellence.

Eventually, as Sydney J. Harris once said: “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” Therefore, we focus on hands-on problem solving skills diligently working on impact and relevance of our researches. We have a beautiful campus with adequate student facilities, and I hope that I will welcome you in person in the near future.   



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