A move towards autonomy

Review on Current Status of Hawassa University: A Move towards Autonomy.

A review of the current status of Hawassa University from the perspectives of the planned transition towards autonomy is being presented for the University Senate for evaluation and feedback at Geremew Haile Hall, College of Agriculture, September 4-5, 2023.

Dr. Ayano Beraso, President of HU, spoke at the opening of the evaluation session where he acknowledged the commitment and hardwork of the 8 Autonomous University Committee led by Prof. Tesfaye Abebe, that have been gathering information from all over the university campuses, analyzing the collected data, and presenting key findings to the Senate. He also remarked that it is very essential to critically analyze the findings by the Senate since HU is geared towards being autonomous in two years.

The morning session has seen presentations of the Academic Affairs Committee and Hospital Affairs Committee, and a thorough discussion afterwards.

The findings of the first team was presented by Prof. Sheleme Beyene which has reviewed the university-wide status of academic programs, teaching learning process and staff development programs, automation of libraries, quality of laboratories, smart classrooms, academic calendars, academic freedom, program auditing and marketability. The presentation included objectives of the survey, identified gaps, and proposed intervention strategies to realize HU's aspirations towards being an autonomous research university.

The second team has done a SWOT Analysis of Hawassa University's Comprehensive Specialized Referral Hospital at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, presented by Dr. Keneni Gutema. His presentation has also covered the hospital structure, service quality, leadership and governance, facilities and equipment, staff qualifications, teaching-learning and research, financing and revenue generation, automation, as well as suggestions for intervention strategies with identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to transform the hospital towards autonomy.

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