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Hawassa University e-Learning officially launched on march 2010 with four online courses by the title of Hawassa university e-courses using one of open source course management system which is Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). Moodle is a course management system that creates powerful, flexible, and engaging online teaching learning experiences. You can use Moodle to teach fully online courses or to supplement face to face courses in traditional settings. Now, Hawassa University uses Moodle to supplement traditional face to face courses by combining the face to face with online courses or Blended learning.

Imagine moving most of your content delivery to an online environment and saving your course time for discussion, question, and problem solving can increase student learning by allowing students to engage in the material outside of class allows them to use face to face time for troubleshooting. Especially for our country context students have no habit of class participation or reluctant to speak in class because of shyness, uncertainty, or language issues.  Online discussion gives many students the opportunity to express themselves in ways they couldn’t in a regular class.

Therefore Hawassa university E-courses portal provide online courses with live chats among students and teachers, forums where users can rate messages on their relevance or insight, online workshops that enable students to collaborate and evaluate each other's work, impromptu poll that let the teacher evaluate what students think of a course's progress, directories set aside for students to upload and share their files E-courses connotes a sequential Series of web pages, images animations, and a quiz put online. These features of e-courses create an active learning environment, full of different kinds of student-to-student and student-to-teacher interaction.

Objectives of e-courses

Advantages of E-courses

          For Students 

         For Instructors

       For Institution

E-courses provide the following types of interactive course material that a student interacts with, by answering questions, entering text, or uploading files:                                   

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Courses which are fully designed and available for users are:


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