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Many countries in the world are investing huge amounts of resources on education because improvement in education is important for continuous development.  Education has a great contribution in various developmental endeavourers and creation of awareness pertaining to health care, sanitation, agricultural development, environmental protection, and so on.

For education to play these pivotal roles, it requires a great contribution of the government and professionals in developing and implementing curricula that meet countries demands and standards.

This is so because the success of education lies on the proper way of transferring and constructing knowledge to the learners through properly designed and implemented curricula. Thus, when a curriculum is developed, it should happen with due consideration of the context of the implementation and the needs of the country in general and that of the students in particular. The Ethiopian higher education is working towards producing professionals in various fields, to make their own contributions to the implementation of the country’s development plans. That is why the expansion of higher education throughout the country is underway.

Parallel to this expansion, national institutions such as the Higher Education Strategy Centre (HESC) and the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) have been established to advice on the various strategies and initiatives launched by the government. Both emphasize issues of quality in education and the pressing need to produce more well-trained personnel to help alleviate poverty in the country.

In addition to these another program named Education Quality Improvement Program (EQUIP) has been established with the assistance of the Netherlands government to work on quality matters. Under EQUIP project, ADRC (Academic Develop and Resource center) is established and is working within nine universities from which Hawassa university is one. In general the center aims at improving educational quality at universities. The center has got three basic units: Staff professional development unit, Quality care unit and resource and service unit. It is through the function of these important units that the center will try to meet its ultimate goals (Ensuring educational quality of the respective universities).  

The core theme of the center is to function as resource center to improve quality of education at higher institution through upgrading the professional and research competencies of staff, the provision of staff development, advisory and other pertinent services.

Rationale for the Establishment of the ADRC:

The need to create academic development centres stems from a number of factors facing all universities, which adversely affect the quality of education:

  • Outdated curricula which are rarely evaluated or revised (if any)
  • Lack of in-service training opportunities for staff
  • Lack of quality assessment and assurance policies or training
  • Shortage of qualified and experienced staff in the face of rapid expansion
  • Existence of many academic staff who lack pedagogical training in their pre-teaching education

General Objectives:

The center generally aims at:

  • Catering quality education in the university through conducting quality assessment and research on academic programs, and providing advisory services.
  • Conducting staff development training to promote professional and research skills of the academic staff. 
  • Providing services pertinent to the improvement of quality and relevance in higher education.

Specific Objectives

More specifically, the ADRC will have the following objectives:

  • Provide expert support in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational programmes
  • Offer basic and advanced trainings in course design, instruction, and assessment of learning
  • Undertake researches and to provide advice to departments and faculties on quality issues related to higher education
  • Offer consultancy and training service to the surrounding communities on quality matters.   

Major Units of Academic Development and Resource Center (ADRC)

1. Quality Care Unit

Now a days the concern of quality appears on the top of every agenda. Quality education is essential for sustainable development. Therefore, this unit is responsible for assessing quality and relevance of education; provide advisory service to the university management on matters related to quality and relevance of education in the university. The unit also undertake and/or coordinate research activities related to quality and relevance.

 The unit has the following functions

  • Assist faculties in setting procedures and criteria for assessing quality.
  • Develop instruments for assessing quality.
  • Conduct baseline surveys on quality and relevance in collaboration with faculties and departments
  • Conduct and coordinate research on quality relevance issues. 

2. Academic Staff Development Unit

The staff development unit is mainly responsible for organizing training and providing advisory services to teaching staff and management. The unit provides expert support in the design, implementation and evaluation of educational program and in pedagogical skill development.

The specific tasks of the unit are the following:

  • Provide basic and advanced training for teaching staff
  • Provide advisory service for teaching staff 
  • Develop training manuals
  • Provide special support to female instructors

3. Resource and Service Unit

The center acts as a professional resource and service centre for supporting the improvement of educational quality and relevance. The services will include:

  • Library equipped with hard and soft copies of pertinent materials
  • Providing ICT and Audiovisual resources and/or services
  • Training materials production (editorial and production services)
  • Other services, such as photocopying, testing, secretarial service etc
  • Extension Services

There is also a plan that the centre will eventually provide services to the wider academic community outside the institution and generate additional income. It will be in a position to provide consultancy and research services.

The following are some of the activities, which could be provided:

  • Conduct needs assessment in governmental, non-governmental, and community-based organizations that work in the areas of education and need professional support.
  • Provide training in the areas of quality management in higher education
  • Write proposals based on the results of the need assessments for organizations
  • Conduct impact assessment of the interventions made by governmental, non-governmental, and community organizations


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