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Hawassa University is currently organized as seven colleges and one institute. The three oldest colleges are Hawassa College of Agriculture, Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources and College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The other four newly organized colleges are: College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Social Sciences, College of Law and Governance, and College of Business and Economics. The only Institute currently recognized in the University is Institute of Technology (2).

Almost all Colleges host graduate programs in their respective departments/ schools and PhD level program is currently in progress in the three old colleges: Hawassa College of Agriculture, Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources, and College of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Hawassa University SGS hopes to be among the best graduate schools nationally and internationally by 2016/17.


The mission of Hawassa University School of Graduate Studies is to promote high level graduate studies in various disciplines and modalities to make the university competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

As already indicated in the vision statement of Hawasssa University, the University aspires to be the best and leading institution of higher education in Ethiopia, competent in Africa and accredited internationally by 2016.

School of Graduate Studies contributes a lot for better achievement of the University’s vision by making the graduate training a well integrated program in research and community service. The School of Graduate Studies, which was structured in the respective departments/ schools in the last two years, is currently re-established as a separate academic unit at University and College levels so that it can discharge its maximum contribution for quality and relevant education by integrating the overall activities of graduate programs in the respective colleges to make graduate programs well organized, have clear accountability and better communication system.

School of Graduate Studies is an academic body that oversees all academic activities related to graduate studies in academic departments/ schools, colleges and institutions. On top of creating educational opportunities for diverse groups of the society, offering graduate programs in various modalities is also hoped to generate internal revenue in order to complement government funding and make the university competitive in today’s rapidly changing environment.

To make the graduate program quality and relevant, school of graduate studies is expected to observe all the parameters for quality and relevant education by establishing uniform system across all colleges/institutes of the university. 

Purpose of the Guideline

The purpose of this policy guideline is:

  • To determine the ways in which graduate studies can be integrated and smoothly run at Hawassa University.
  • To establish uniform working procedures pertaining to SGS across academic departments/ schools, colleges/ institutes in the university.
  • To establish accountability, responsibility and transparency on issues related to SGS at all levels.
  • To provide quick reference to academic unit heads, staff, students and other stake holders in general so that issues related to SGS can be easily accessed.

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