Programs Under Institute of Technology

School of informatics

  •   Computer science
  •   Information system
  •   Information technology

School of Bio systems and environmental engineering

  • Bio-system engineering
  • Environmental engineering

Department of civil and urban engineering

  • Civil and Urban engineering

Department of mechanical engineering

  • Electromechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering

Department of electromechanical engineering

  •  Electromechanical engineering

Department of construction technology and management

  •  Construction technology and management

Department of irrigation and water resources engineering

  •  IWRE

Department of electrical and computer engineering

  • Electrical engineering

Department of chemical engineering

Programs College of social science and Humanities

 School of education and training

  •  EDPM

School of behavioral science

  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology

 Department of language studies

  •     Language studies
  •    Journalism and Mass communication  

Department of geography and environmental studies

  • Geography
  •  Environmental studies

Programs College of Law and governance

School of law

  • Law

School of governance and development studies

  • Governance
  • Development studies

Programs College of Agriculture

School of Animal and range Science

  • Animal science
  • Range science

School of Plant and Horticulture Science

  •  Plant science
  •  Horticulture science

School of Food science and Human nutrition

  • Food science
  • Applied Human Nutrition

School of Environment, Gender and Development studies

  • Rural development studies
  • Agricultural extenssion
  • Agri-Business

Programs College of business and economics

School of management and accounting

  • Accounting
  •  B. Management

 School of hotel and tourism management

  • HoMa

 Department of economics

  • Economics

Department of cooperatives

  • Cooperatives

Programs College of medicine and Health science

School of medicine

  •  Medicine
  • Optometry

School of nursing and midwifery

  • Nursing
  •  Midwifery

School of public and Environmental Health

  • Public Health
  • Environmental science

 Department of medical and laboratory science

Programs College of Natural and computational science

 School of veterinary medicine

  • Veterinary medicine

School of mathematics and statistics

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied statistics

Department of Biology

  •  Applied Biology

Department of chemistry

  •  Chemistry

Department of physics

  • Physics

 Department of sport science

  • Sport Science

Programs Wondo Genet College of forestry and Natural resources

School of forestry

 School of natural resource management

School of wildlife and eco-tourism management


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