Farmers Day Celebrated in Dalocha Woreda, Silte Zone

Date: 21, Oct. 2019 

The Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD Ethiopia) based at Hawassa University celebrated Farmers Day in Dalocha Woreda of Silte Zone on 19 Oct. 2019 with the motto: "Cluster based Teff and Wheat seed multiplication Field Day, ISSD- Benefit". As part of BENEFIT (The Bilateral Ethiopia Netherlands Effort for Food Income and Trade Partnerships), ISSD has been working to strengthen the regional informal, intermediary and formal seed systems.
According to Dr. Girma Abera (ISSD Manager) the field day was arranged to visit selected sites on which Crowd Sourcing (CS) and Participatory Variety Selection (PVS) were implemented and to have discussion with farmers.
The one day event was attended by the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer (VPRTT), staff of the College of Agriculture, farmers of Dalocha Woreda and other invited guests.

(Office of External Relations and Communications, OERC)


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