Hawassa University Ranks 2nd in Nationwide Higher Institutions Competition

It was few days ago that Hawassa University(HwU) announced officially in its press release that the university stood 2nd in overall performance evaluation competition made among 32 government universities.

According to Dr Yosef Mamo, President of the University, the evaluation was made based on the real practical works performed on the ground unlike the former report based evaluation. Therefore, the University fulfills most of the 229 criteria set for the evaluation to secure the 2nd position.

Implementing the newly introduced modular curriculum and continues assignment effectively in teaching learning, multidisciplinary researches activities and technology transfer and wide range of community services that have been really changing the  livelihood   of the society took the lions share in securing  such a remarkable position in the row.

Moreover, its conducive environment for teaching-learning and research, students and Staffa administration, ICT utilization level and the like have also contributed much for HwU in the evaluation.

Dr Yosef added, working harder in some areas where gaps were observed, HwU would most likely take the first position in the next competition. He finally tanked all stake holders particularly: the staffs, students and the management who contributed unreserved effort for such shining result. 


By Yekatit H.

The Association to Get Involved in Large Research and Development Projects

The Association of Ethiopians Educated in Norway held its general assembly at Hawassa University on 20 and21 September 2013, in the presence of the guest of honor Mrs Tove Stub, Minister Counselor, Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Norwegian Embassy of Ethiopia.

President of the association Dr. Ayele Taye in his welcoming speech stated “The association is working hard to facilitate networking and communication among its members and enhance their contributions to the country’s development plans mainly with higher education and problem solving researches both individually and jointly.” He added, “We are expected to further strengthen the existing collaborations between the people of Ethiopia and Norway.”

Dr. Ayele underlined that the association appreciates the supports of the people of Norway to Ethiopia in the area of capacity building through higher level education and research. Many Ethiopians have been educated in Norway and Ethiopia with the help of Norwegians based projects. Some of these projects include NORAD, NUFU, NOMA and NORHED. Of 46 projects that win the recently established NORHED’s grant worldwide,  8 are from Ethiopia.

Mrs Tove Stub in her opening speech mentioned, “The two countries, Ethiopia and Norway have a long history of collaboration on various areas including climate change, governance and projects focusing on developments and trainings for capacity building.” She added “The embassy therefore, is keen to support the association on behalf of the government of Norway especially, the activities on Ethiopian green economy policy.” It is believed that the association can contribute to the sustainable development of Ethiopia which changes the livelihood of the community to the grass root level, and enhances people to people relations.

The association has about 70 members all over the country in which most of them serve in universities and others in national and international organizations. During the assembly, trainings were given to members on project proposal development for large findings and problem areas of research and development vis-à-vis the country’s policy.


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