Vice President for Business and Development

Following the implementation of the Business Process Re-engineering in August 2009, Hawassa University has introduced new organizational set up. The office of the Vice President for Business and Development has emerged in the organgram of the university in December 2010 upon the approval of the university board. The branching out of the VPBD from the former office of the Vice President for Administration and Development (VPAD) was mainly the result of HwU’s dramatic growth and expansion over the last few years in-terms of student and staff population, increased need for HwU to focus on development projects and reducing the wide margin of control of the VPAD.

Currently, the VPBD comprises of five administrative wings which all gear towards expansion of business and development activities. The four Directorate offices and one center are:

  1. Construction and Maintenance Directorate
  2. ICT Directorate
  3. Resource mobilization Directorate, which currently oversees five big income generating projects in the main campus (namely; the Research and Farm Center, the new HwU teaching Hotel, the BEE wood and metal workshop, the continuing and Distance Education Division, cafeterias and supermarkets ) and other projects in the other three campuses of the university.
  4. Campus Beautification and Facility Management Directorate
  5. HwU printing house.

The office of the VPBD has planned to put into effect several projects over the coming two years; the completion of the Yirgalem campus buildings, ICT expansions into the four campuses, establishing good staff residence village after full transfer of the real state buildings purchased in the town, campus renovation and beautification schemes, full scale use of the printing house, ….are some of those given higher priority.

Finally, it is needless to mention that the office continues to play pivotal role in the makings of complete and competent university in the year 2015.

Vice President for Business and Development

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Hawassa Universitty
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