Students' Service Directorate

The Director for Student Service plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship between the University and its Students.

Generally, the Student Service Directorate Office organization, management and administration consist of the following Offices.

  1. Office of Students’ Service
  2. Basic Students Services with three Case Teams, such as Cafeteria, Clinic and Dormitory.
  3. Supportive Student Service Team which includes Discipline Case Team, Center for Students’ with Disability, Recreation Case Team, Special Support Case Team etc.


The  Directorate’s Office Aspire to provide  quality service and administrative excellence under its domain to realize  the vision of  Hawassa University to be accredited by 2017/18. 


The  mission  of  Student Service Directorate is to advance the quality of  service , promote effective communication, provide a  responsible  and  democratic  attitude towards our clients, improve the sprite of teamwork, promote participatory decision-making approach, and enhance Deficient public services    thereby,  contributing to the achievement of the university’s mission.  


  : Strategic Objectives for Student Services


Strategic objectives


Increase customer  satisfaction


Enhance  budget utilization

Increase internal revenue

Improve organizational resource and asset  management.

Internal process

Improve basic,  student’s   services delivery & access

Improve  supportive student’s   services delivery & access

Improve documentation,  communication & time management system

Learning and growth

Improve knowledge, skill, motivation & professional ethics of the staff.

Improve working environment,  organizational culture and leadership

Establish  & improve necessary   infrastructures and facility


since students are the most important part of what we do, as service providers, we value: Diversity, tolerance, and inclusiveness in the ethnicity, religion, culture and gender Equity and access in all our services.   

Core Values of Student  Service Directorate Office

Excellence:  student service office shall make a continuous and concerted effort to develop satisfaction of customers and stakeholders in its service  excellence.

Quality: student service office   shall  exert  a  continuous  effort  to  deliver highest quality service to stakeholders.

Relevance: student service office shall give a considerable attention to make sure that all students  and  stakeholders   are  oriented  to meet  the  needs  and the development of the society in general.

Innovation:  student service office strives to advance innovativeness among the  students.

High Ethics: student service office   strives  to  maintain  high  ethical standards  in  its  administrative & professional staff  and  public services.

Efficiency  and  Effectiveness: student service office is  committed  to implement a new  administrative  and  professional  structure systems  designed  on  the  basis  of  BPR  principles to efficiently use resources and effectively deliver services.

Democracy and Transparency: student service office promotes principles of democratic values and transparency in its professional  and administrative systems.

Participatory: student service office encourages and creates a system for the active involvement of staffs and all stakeholders in all its undertakings and decision makings.

Equity:  student service office promotes; affirmative action to encourage female participation both students and staff,  social inclusiveness to disabled students, staff and community members, social justice & economically disadvantaged students.

Accountability: student service office promotes accountability at individual and directorate levels with full answerability to the public and the University community


Directorate Chart

Student Service Directorate Chart


Contact Address  

Director, Students' Service Directorate




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