Human Resource Management Directorate

Background of  the Human Resource Management Directorate

The prevailing HRMD of Hawassa University was newly re-organized at Directorate level during 2002 E.C. The main objective of re-organization of the department is to provide quality service for all University staff members and others from outside in different aspects to meet the University’s objective. The department is governed under the law of the Federal Civil Service law that governs all civil servants under the law of  human resource management sub program of Civil Service reform. The (Federal Civil proclamation No.515/2007) says that, it is necessary to strengthen the justice system so as to give civil servants better protection and it is essential to incorporate in a new law the changes occurring as a results of implementation of the human resource management sub-program of the civil service reform program.

Vision: HRMD desires to see the department providing a reliable and customer focused services to ensure a competent workforce to meet the Hawassa University’s Mission

Mission: The  mission  of  HRMD  to  enhance ability to support, promote  effective entrepreneurship,  and  beat  a  responsible  and  democratic  attitude  through   public  services;  thereby,  contributing to the development of the nation.


Perspectives, Strategic Objectives and Strategic Initiatives of HRMD


Strategic Objectives (HRMD)

Strategic Initiatives


Improve satisfaction of customer




Improve  utilization of budget

Resources utilization & asset management package

Improve asset management


Process Work                        

Improve Services Delivery

Time management  package

Improve  Information,  documentations and communication systems

Information, communication & documentation packages

Learning and Growth

Enhance Health & Safe work environment

Healthy and safety work env’t packages

Providing appropriate facility for staffs

Facility development packages

Improve knowledge, skill & Motivation

of the staffs

Human resource development & incentive packages


 3. Major Activities of HRMD

  • Providing leadership supports for HRM Team Leaders and staffs
  • Preparing job plan and reporting the performance periodically
  • Staffing, organizing, directing and following up of staffs
  • Facilitating health and safety supports for staffs
  • Facilitating training for staffs
  • Recording staffs data in computer and providing reports to concerned bodies
  • Handling staffs personal files(hard copy), entering and issuing different types of letters


4. Organizational Structure of HRMD


5. Downlodable Formats


6. Contact us:

Name: Ato Toloma Kabiso
Position: HRM Senior Planning Officer
Tel: +046 221 2628/

Fax: +046 220 5421Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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