Office of External Relations and Communications (OERC)

Hawassa University's Corporate communication and Marketing Directorate was established in 2008(GC) as a new directorate of the university to facilitate the internal and external communication of the university. It also works on creating new partnerships with local and international institutions and strengthening of the existing ones. Hence, the directorate is responsible for the internationalization activities of the university.

The Corporate Communications and Marketing Directorate has the following vision, mission, objectives and activities.


To build an effective team with relevant skills to create and maintain a climate of trust at HwU through honest communication and thereby improving HwU’s image by promoting and facilitating transformation and contributing to the maintenance of excellence.


To promote, enhance and develop a favorable image of HwU, its facilities, products and expertise to all its stakeholders by utilizing and developing appropriate internal and external communication channels.


The Directorate aims to: 

  • support and promote positive communications within the university and mutually beneficial engagement with external stakeholders;
  • manage and arrange events, activities and services that are important to the life, reputation and smooth running of the University; and
  • provide an efficient, effective and high quality corporate publicity.


The Directorate seeks to achieve its mission and aims by meeting the following objectives: 

  • To oversee the University’s corporate communication strategies;
  • To understand and define the University’s essential characteristics and communicate them clearly and consistently;
  • To promote the University’s activities and achievements and challenge misconceptions and misrepresentations where necessary;
  • To assemble and disseminate internally information that is of interest and value to the university community and that supports change management;
  • To help develop connections, partnerships and mutual understanding with outside communities, groups and organizations;
  • To arrange or support ceremonial, educational and other events, activities and opportunities that build reputation and relationships and are relevant to the University’s mission; and
  • To support the achievement of the University mission by maintaining high standards of management and delivery. 


The main activities of the Directorate are to provide action and/or high-level advice on the following areas: 

  • Information dissemination,
  • International exchanges,
  • Media relations,
  • Major corporate publications,
  • Website development,
  • E-communication,
  • Events and workshops,
  • Marketing and advertising 

In order to undertake the abovementioned activities and fulfil its mission, the Directorate is structured into the following units:

a) International Office,

b) Public Relations and

c) E-Communication and Marketing. 

Major activities:-

  • Supporting staff and student exchange
  • Internationalization of curricula
  • Promoting international cooperation
  • Disseminating information about Hawassa University 
  • Preparing and disseminating information about study abroad for staff and students.
  • Organizing international workshops, seminars and symposia etc.
  • Initiating, promoting, and maintaining international contacts to universities, institutes, research centers and academics.
  • Administering international agreements and memorandum of understanding.

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Armaye Assefa(MA)

Director General, Office of External Relations and Communications (OERC)  05
Tel:  +251 46 220 5282
Fax: +251 462205187
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Armaye Assefa
Director, Corporate Communication & Marketing Directorate

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