SGS Admission

1. Admission to the Graduate Program

1.1. General Admission Provisions

  • a candidate who has a high scholastic standing, whose professional experience has been superior and who has received good recommendations shall be given priority for admission.

1.2. Admission requirements for the masters degree programs

1.2.1. Academic requirements

  • The applicant must have completed the academic requirements for the bachelor degree in the specific / related fields of study from recognized higher education institutions.
  • The applicant must meet satisfactorily the selection criteria which may include the entrance examination to be administered by the academic units concerned.
  • The candidate must produce three letters of recommendations from Undergraduate  instructors, employers or professional associates.

2. Enrollment and registration at the graduate program

  • Application for admission in to the graduate program is normally processed before the beginning of each academic semester year.
  • Every graduate  student must be registered at the beginning of each semester in order to keep enrollment active.
  • A student who fails to maintain continuous registration without officially withdrawing from Graduate program shall be considered to have dropped out.

3. Credit requirements and course load at the GP

  • The  total number of credit hours for course work shall be 24 -32 for departmental programs requiring  research based thesis and of 37-48 for those programs with only literature based thesis or as an option of 37-48 for those program to be completed with comprehensive written exam only.
  • A total of 12-15 credit hour per semester shall normally be regarded as  typical full load for a full time candidates

 4. Academic Probation and Dismissal at the GP

  • Probation is discretionary decision to allow candidates who failed to score bellow the required standards of the university to continue their studies . But, since the purpose of the probation is to facilitate the academic  rehabilitation of such students, the decision is made based on the validity of the reasons and considering other relevant circumstances which are convincing that the student can academically raise him self/herself to the required level of academic achievement.
  • Probation are given if a student’s semester GPA (SGPA) or cumulative GPA (CGPA) fails bellow 3.00 .
  • A first year student is subject to dismissal with out first being put on probation if academic performance fails bellow 2.50 in the first semester results.
  • Any first year graduate students who achieves a first semester GPA (SGPA) between 2.50 and 3.00 shall be placed on probation by the DGC and any such student had been placed on probation shall be subjected to dismissal if the student fails to achieve a semester GPA of 3.00 in the next semester.
  • For research based thesis programs, if a student who had been placed on probation for the first time achieves during the next semester, a SGPA of 3.00 or above but the CGPA still fails bellow 3.00, the DGC may recommend such student to repeat courses.
  • Consecutive probation are given a maximum of two times
  • No candidate who is subject to dismissal may expect discretionary probation as a matter of right.

5. Repeating Courses

  • Courses with “C” grades or lower may be repeated if the CGPA of the student is less than 3.00
  • A student may not repeat or take re exam in a course more than twice unless it is required for graduation.
  • The final grade for repeated courses or a course in which re-exam has been taken shall be recorded and used for competition of CGPA
  • A student is allowed to graduate with a minimum CGPA of 3.00 and only one “C”. However, students having  two “C+” shall be allowed to graduate as long as the CGPA is not bellow 3.00.

6. Withdrawal From and Readmission to the GP

6.1. Withdrawal

  • A student who wishes to withdraw from the graduate program must consult and explain any reasons to their academic advisor.
  • Unless there are compelling reasons, official withdrawal forms shall be completed within 30 days discontinuation of classes. A candidate who fails to comply with this requirement shall not be eligible for readmission.

6.2. Readmission

  • A candidate in good academic standing who discontinues a studies with good reason may apply for readmission through the academic unit in to the discontinued semester.
  • A candidate suspended for disciplinary reasons qualifies for automatic registration as soon as the student has served the term.
  • A candidate  who has been dismissed for academic reason may apply for readmission on the following grounds.No student who has been dismissed on academic grounds shall be readmitted more than once  regardless of transfer from other universities.
    • If the student, at the end of the first semester had obtained  a SGPA of not less than 2.00
    • If student, at the end of the second semester had obtained  a CGPA of not less than 2.50 or 2.75, respectively 

7. The Master’s Thesis

7.1 General Requirements

  • A thesis shall constitute an individual's effort in academic pursuits to identify and analyze problems by applying sound methodology.
  • A thesis shall constitute a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Master’s Degree, except in a program where it is not required. 

 7.2. Submission of Thesis

  • No candidate may be permitted to submit a thesis in less than one academic year from the date if initial registration except with a special permission of the school commission or department commission.
  • A candidate may submit the thesis at any time during or after the last semester of  course work and no later than the end of the fourth semester after the initial registration with the exception of candidates allowed for extended residency.

7.3. Final draft Thesis

  • The candidate should correct the thesis in accordance with the decision of the board of examiners and submit it to the chairperson of the department graduate committee.
  • The school commission or department commission should deliberate on the thesis and submit its recommendations to the school commission or department commission. Then the department will accept the typed final draft thesis, both in electronic and hard copy, from the candidate and it will be verified by the school commission or department commission.

8. Graduation and award of credentials to graduate students 

  • A candidate who full fills the requirements laid dawn in this brochure shall be recommended by the head of the department on behalf of  to the university senate, through the office of the registrar, for the award of the appropriate credential


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